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A daily dose of wellness, advice, and positivity from a family nurse practitioner. Follow me as I venture through my journey of nursing, global health, and balancing all things wellness. Click here to learn more!

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How to Prepare for the First Few Months of Practice

The first day of seeing patients on my own as a NP was one of the most exciting yet intimidating experiences. Everyone's experience in their first job will be slightly different depending on what type of clinic you're at and what patient population you're serving (private practice vs hospital vs ... VIEW POST

Why I Turned Down My First Job Offer

Your very first job offer as a nurse practitioner is pretty much the most exciting moment of your entire life. Here you are, years upon years into studying and working your ass off to get to the finish line. . . ALL you want at that point is a job and some income. I never in a million years would ... VIEW POST

Tips and Resources to Volunteer Abroad

So you want to volunteer or intern abroad, but you have no idea where to start. Join the club!  Trust me, everyone interested in global health feels this way at some point. You're probably a bit unsure of what websites are reputable, which organizations will give you the experience you're seeking, ... VIEW POST

Making a Global Health Impact Without Leaving the US

My Global Health Experiences - In a Nutshell Traveling the world and engaging in humanitarian efforts abroad is what led me to pursue a career in nursing. So it's no wonder that I'm very passionate about global health and providing care to underserved communities. I have been very fortunate to have ... VIEW POST

Finding Balance

It's impossible to pour from an empty cup. Focus and drive are essential in setting goals and succeeding. . . but we also must take care of our mind and body so we can reach our goals with full potential. This is especially vital in the healthcare field where we have signed up to care for those who ... VIEW POST

Endometriosis: My Experience with Pain, Diagnosis, and Relief

There is often a lack of connection and understanding of our bodies as women. The changes our bodies go through each month share an energy and connection with the world around us. When we spend time with other women, our cycles begin to align... A typical menstrual cycle is synced up with the lunar ... VIEW POST

Long Distance Love FTW

A PERSPECTIVE ON LONG DISTANCE LOVE Our wedding day was hands down the most heart-filling, beautiful day of my life. We were barefoot on the beach in Costa Rica with seventy-five of our friends and family, with flights booked to Bali the following day.  Our first year of marriage, on the other ... VIEW POST

The Beauty of Entry Level NP Programs 

Are you looking for a career change? Ever considered becoming a nurse practitioner? The beauty of entry level NP programs is that you can! All you need is a bachelors degree in any field. Vanderbilt's accelerated nurse practitioner program has completely changed my life. It has not only given me ... VIEW POST

From Hollywood to Healthcare

It didn’t seem right to start a blog without explaining how I got here in the first place. “Here” being Nashville, Tennessee, one year into nursing school at Vanderbilt University, burning to share my experiences and ever-evolving knowledge with anyone who is curious to listen. I’ll oversimplify my ... VIEW POST

Things to Consider Before Applying (and Accepting)

The Nurse Corps is a big commitment that deserves a lot of thought and consideration before applying (and accepting, if awarded). As someone who has been through the application and acceptance process, I want to share some insight on things to keep in mind when seeking this endeavor. What's your ... VIEW POST

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